Timelapse Time

In recent times I’ve been really enjoying playing with social media.  My favorite platform of late is Instagram.  It’s amazing in terms of art.  I feel like I have the most extensive evolving gallery collection at my fingertips at all times.  I’ve been enjoying posting regularly, interacting with people that love art, and getting feedback on my work as I go along.  The coolest thing I’ve been enjoying with my artwork and social media has been the timelapsed drawings.

A timelapse is awesome because the viewer gets to see the creative process.  When I’m posting to my Insta feed , to facebook or to my website, all the viewer normally gets to see is the completed image.  The split in realities between the artist and the viewer is huge.  The elements of design, progress and development aren’t involved in the finished product.  It’s just what you can see in front of you.  These videos bridge the gap.

The speed at which the video goes by is great.  In this world of Instagram and Facebook (Where we are trying not to spend too much time but we do anyways) we all want information fast.  These videos are it.  I’ve been playing with the frame intervals, which adjusts how often the individual photos are taken which in turn adjusts the length of the completed videos.  You get to see a drawing from start to finish in 10 to 15 seconds.  Sweet.

I’ve really been enjoying the creative process of doing drawings for videos.  It’s different than doing a normal drawing in the studio.  It’s similar to doing live art, only I’m by myself.  There’s the pressure to make something awesome (Which I have to let go of or transcend in order to really let the drawing be what it needs to be), but there’s also no pressure because I can just quit and start over.  No big deal.  Working within any sort of framework of a project one will naturally start to push limits and test boundaries.  I’m starting to really get comfortable and do that with these videos.

So if you want to see any of them, check out my feed @tgfineart on Instagram and Facebook.  I’m getting into a good habit of filming everything I do which is great for viewers to be able to see and it’s more content to share out.  So give them a view.  Let me know what you think of them.  If you’re an artist and you’re doing timelapses send me the link to your work.  I’d love to see what you’re doing.

  Now it’s time to do another video!