Shift in Approach

Consider the statement, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”


It’s a message about quality, intention, and attention to detail.  It’s about the way that one chooses to go through life.  It asserts that the little things should be handled as seriously as the big things, or that really there are no little things.  Every step of the way is important.


A major shift is taking place in my art making process.  It’s a change in perspective and approach.  The transition has to do with the little things, the overall quality of my work, the longevity of the art as an artifact.   It’s leading toward a deepening of the energy of my art.  I’m striving for greatness.  I’m using this as a backbone to this transition, it’s my mantra.  ­I’ve broken down every element of the art making process and researched what goes into it.  Every step of the way is premium now from the hand built stretcher bars, the hand stretched and primed Belgian linen used as canvas, the premium acrylic and oil paints and the premium frame that protects it.  I’m considering where I source from and what those companies are all about.   Every decision is an opportunity to define one’s self.


Previous to this revelation, I wouldn’t say my work was sub-par, but it hasn’t been great either.  I’ve been honing my skills and craft of drawing and painting my whole life.  But I’ve mainly been focused on what was on the surface of the piece, the image, not looking at the bigger scope of all the details and aspects of the painting as a whole entity.  Great art needs to be completely great, not just on the surface.  It has to withstand the test of time.  Quality every step of the way can be felt, it adds to the overall energy of the work.


It comes down to this; I want to be the best artist I can be.  This shift in approach is going to be the foundation for what makes my art a true investment.  This change will be the fortified launch pad that will allow the artistic concepts to take form.  It’s time to lift off into the solar system in search of the stellar.