My Current Story

I just update My Story on my TGFineArt Facebook page and thought I'd post it as a blog as well.  Here it is!  Jump over to FB and Instagram @tgfineart to follow everything I post!  Cheers!

"My artwork is a reflection of my life as a human on this planet.  I love experiencing new things, going new places and continuing to deepen my practice as a person.  In my art I strive to always be original, go into uncharted territory and to dive deeper into my artistic expression.  All the extensions of my artwork are illustrations of these concepts.

Recently murals have been my main passion.  They are an amazing way to communicate with the outside world.  I’m a very gregarious person and as an artist, we are often working in isolation in the studio behind and easel.  Murals are the opposite of that.  The artist is out in the world for all to see.  Murals are a way to broadcast concepts to a larger community.  They speak to a wider audience and can be appreciated by a broader conversation.  I love the mural work I’ve been able to do recently and plan to do a lot more of it.

Live art is another avenue of creativity I’ve been enjoying.  Whether recreating a couple’s wedding day in color or painting on stage with a band on tour, live art is a direct line to bringing creativity to the people.  I love the inspiring element of painting live in front of an audience.  The conversations that begin from live art are awesome because I can feel people’s excitement at seeing live creativity before their eyes.  It ignites a fire inside of them that may have been dormant for a week or for years.  It brings the concept of art to life.

But the introverted side of me still exists as well and that’s where my studio creations fit in.  Sometimes I love to hole away and spend time just me and a canvas.  Hours go by, completely in the zone constructing and deconstruction a painting.  The layers and techniques that I go through, developing my art, building the process have been evolving throughout my life.  In these sessions I deepen my connection to the intricate hues and pigments of the paints I choose.  Painting can come in so many shapes and forms and either way, it’s always an interesting experience.

At this point I would consider myself an emerging artist, just now really finding my footing in the art world.  I plan on continuing onward and upward, tackling larger and grander challenges.  I’m in the process of deepening my connection to myself as an artist and myself as a person.  It’s a never ending journey that we are all on.  I feel blessed that the work that I do leaves a record of every decision I make and that it can bring beauty and inspiration to other people along the way."