Live Art Lessons

This painting is about the process that I’m going through in making a video, marketing my work to a wider audience. For this I need to be in front of a camera and speak. When I’m just in person, my conversation can flow easily. But as soon as a camera got turned on things got blocked up and wouldn’t come out correctly, I was fully conscious of myself giving the interview.. Self conscious.


I had a breakthrough in a video session working with my friend Josh McMurtrie a few hours before this live art event. I never knew where to look. As soon as I looked dead into the camera lens, all nervousness and self-consciousness went away. I was centered and composed.


This painting depicts me in front of the camera, then me behind the camera along with an paparazi style audience. This is what it felt like being filmed. Before it was a nervous thing, now I feel fine. The open door with a relaxing utopian landscape behind represents the world of possibilities that are opening up by figuring this situation out.


This painting came from a little brainstorm session minutes before the art event and ended up going perfectly. I think I’m going to do more art like this… Processing my world and what I’m going through. It felt important to paint. And I think others felt that too because I went home empty handed! Sold!!