In this life we’re all farmers.  We prepare for the season, we prime our fields, we sow our seeds, we tend to our crops, and then we harvest the bounty.  It’s a long process but the outcome is worth everything.  But it isn’t everything..  The course is where the magic lies.  The walk down the path is what makes us the farmer.  The footsteps we take along the way make us the person we are.


I’m on my route to being who I’ve always known I will become.  I’m experiencing the world as a contemporary artist.  My map is materializing in front of my eyes as I go along.  There’s a million ways to slice it, and I’m starting to feel comfortable with the knife in my hand.


In terms of professional work, I’m setting out to sea.  Custom Artwork is my oar setup on my boat.  I’ve been paddling with these for years and they’ve gotten me to beautiful places.  They keep me strong, and keep me connected to the water, to the life blood, to the people… the lives and the world around me.  This work is such a blessing because I am invited into people’s intimate spaces in their hearts where few get to travel.


Live Wedding Art is the engine that I’m mounting to on the boat.  That’s going to get me out to open water and really get me moving.  Weddings are an eternally sacred ceremony, I love doing artwork live, and Southern California is a great destination for marriage any time of year.  It’s a perfect combination, and I’m set to rip.


My personal work, my “HeArtwork,” is where my soul resides.  This will be my sail.  Eventually this will power the vessel around the world with my intuition as the captain.  I’ve been developing this throughout my lifetime and will continue until the end.  It’s difficult to make a living off of the wind at first, and really it’s a lot of pressure to put on your sail to do so before you’re ready.  But it’s going to be a beautiful moment when the breeze takes over and I just glide.


So all the while, I’m a farmer like everyone else.  I’m planting my seeds and watching them sprout.  I’m waking up with the sun and heading out to the fields, day in, day out.  The beauty of it is that the plants begin to surprise the planter through their evolution in ways that couldn’t be planned.  It’s a symbiotic dance between the grower and the growth.  They say that “A Farmer’s footsteps are the best fertilizer,” and they’re right.  Farming is an act of continuous consciousness…  And so is Art…  And so is Life….