Set up your dominoes.  Set them up, one by one, plan your route.  Visualize where you want to go, think about how far you can take things, your only restriction is your own limiting beliefs.  It seems like the trick is having the broad field vision while simultaneously staying present with the minutiae.  Put one foot in front of the other, being grateful for each step, and hopefully over time the view gets better.


How do you climb a mountain?  You have to see where you’re going, or at least know that you want to go up.  Just having that internal compass will come through in your decision making.  The late, great, Dr. Wayne Dyer writes about a concept called ‘thinking from the end.’  It involves visualizing the success of whatever you want, and then seeing the way things can work out in order for the success to take place.  It’s like building a mental bridge from where you stand on the side of a river to the other, except it gets built backwards.  Once you envision your course, you can make it.  It works.  Try it.


It can feel overwhelming to desire greatness from yourself and your life.  Sometimes goals can feel so impossible because there are so many ways that things can not work out.   There are so many people that don’t make it.  The odds are always stacked against us.  But as I learned from mountain biking with my brother and friends, you dont’t look at the rocks that you might hit or the cliff you might fall off.  You just focus on the path that will allow you to make it.  Go for what you desire with 100% of your being and things will work out well one way or another.


I have big goals for 2016 but what I’m focusing on is one foot step at a time.  I’m dedicating my life to more studio time, wake up and start painting, day in, day out.  I’m also committing to a sketch a day.  I’ve done this before with daily drawings, but this will be different.  The drawings took a long time and were more developed, these will be short.  No more than 10 minutes.  They will get the creative juices flowing.  I’m an artist, and in 2016 I’m going to spend my time producing art.


So here’s to the energy of the New Year.  Here’s to goals, aspirations, dreams and resolutions.  Whatever it is that you resolve to do in the New Year, go for it.  Fully go for it.  The universe will support you.  Visualize it working all the way through.  Feel it, see it, absorb it, be it, and then do it.  Don’t get caught in the future, or the past.  Use your goal as a modality of presence.  How do you eat an elephant?  You eat it one bite at a time.